You have to correctly choose your size for each product to get the most effectiveness and to avoid discomfort or blisterings.

Knee sleeves

Neoprene knee sleeves must be a body hugging fit. The following sizes are for regular training. If you prefer that your knee sleeves are more tight for extreme workouts or competitions, you should choose a smaller size than the right one according to the measurement.

It is very important to know that if you have the right size of knee sleeves, you will never be able of wearing it sliding from the ankle to the knee. If you adjust it easily sliding it means it is not tight enough to be effective; it is not your right size.

In this video you can see the right way of wearing knee sleeves.

To know what is your right size for knee sleeves, take your measurement following the next Instructions:

  • Place your leg straight, standing up and flex it 30 degrees
  • From the center of the knee, take the diameter measure of the calf muscle 13 cm below that center of the knee.
  • That number in cm is your reference to know your right size of knee sleeves.

Sizes table
Size for Knee Sleevescm
XS 31 - 33
S 33 - 35
M 35 - 37
L 37 - 39
XL 39 - 41,5
XXL 41,5 - 44
3XL > 44


If you want to know what is your right size for StrongTyr belts, measure your waist while you are wearing clothes.


*The Nylon Belt model size bigger than usual so you should order one size less.

Sizes table
Size for Beltscm
S 64 - 81
M 74 - 90
L 85 - 102
XL 92 - 110
XXL 100 - 116

Wrist wraps

StrongTyr wrist wraps are just one size. They adapt perfectly to any size or anatomical wrist shape, suited to both men and women.


Follow the next instructions to know what is your right StrongTyr grips size: measure in milimeters the distance from the beginning of hand's palm until the end, when the fingers start.

Sizes table
Sizes for Gripsmm
XS 90 - 95
S 96 - 105
M 106 - 115
L 116 - 127
XL 128 - 135