About Us

After many years listening to athletes complaining about their training equipment breaking just one week after they bought it, we decided to offer equipment that won´t fail. There are so many things to worry about during a wod or in a competition and it is not the right moment to be concerned about wrinkles at the knee sleeves.

StrongTyr is a company specializing in sports accesories for fitness, weightlifting and powerlifting. Our products always fulfill our main objective: to offer the maximum quality that provides comfort and safety to the athletes for trainings and competitions.

Following that philosophy, StrongTyr team started working in 2015. We work from several places in the European Union to place your order at home as soon as possible. And we do our best for more athletes to strengthen their daily effort with the best training equipment.

What is the meaning of StrongTyr?

Tyr is the war god in the Nordic mythology. We really believe that we must be Strong and a warrior (Tyr) for ourselves to be constant in training and to achieve the goals that we decide. We must get over the fears, respect the adversary and make a lot of effort to do our best. Fight for it.